Cricket Bat Industry is Growing

The main objective of this study was to determine whether bat manufacturing units operational in Kashmir weresustainable entrepreneurial ventures or whether they exhibit a declining trend in terms of economic viability. The study alsoaimed to document the main constraints that confront the cricket bat industry in order to devise future strategies and researchneeds that can […]

Cricket Techniques and Skills

In order to play cricket to the examination level, students should have a good practical and theoretical grasp of the 4 major activities of the game:• Fielding• Bowling• Batting• Wicket keeping Fielding Essentially this involves catching and throwing in a variety of circumstances both static or on the move General points for fielders Expect every […]

How to play cricket

The game of cricket is a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams, usually of 11 players each. It is thought to be the second-most popular sport on the planet, behind football (soccer). It has been played for hundreds of years, the modern form originating in England and spread across the British Commonwealth. It is wildly […]

History of Online Betting

Gambling is India’s favorite pastime, at least when our activities are measured by revenue. The $57 billion spent by gamblers in 2006 far exceeds the $20 billion paid for movie tickets and music recordings and the $28 billion in sales from McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and Starbucks combined.  Indians gamble freely. In fact, only twenty […]

The Story of Cricket

Cricket grew out of the many stick-and ball games played in England 500 years ago. The word ‘bat’ is an old English word that simply means stick or club. By the seventeenth century, cricket had evolved enough to be recognisable as a distinct game. Till the middle of the eighteenth century, bats were roughly the […]


online cricket ID

Fantasy cricket is a sport of ability, and with a little previous instruction and alertness, you may win large. We share with you some of our suggestions and tricks so you can boom your winnings from fantasy cricket. Familiarise yourself with exceptional myth cricket apps Whether you are new to this style of cricket or […]

How To Earn With Online Cricket ID

Now you have a chance to earn money from one of the best online gaming id platforms, it’s none other than JMD ONLINE CRICKET ID, playing and earning has become easy now with help of the Best Betting ID provider with you. An old adage says it all: ‘Cricket is a gentleman’s game.” The sport […]